Another Day on the Rye

Day 5.

The final song in our new mini album. This was written while I was still in living in London and is the oldest song of these new recordings. Have been playing it live for years but never had a chance to record it properly. A song
about my time and experiences near a place called Peckham Rye (braaap). A rocking song for a Friday afternoon!

Another Day on the Rye

This concludes our mini album preview. We shall be uploading this onto iTunes soon so you can purchase it digitally or if you are “old school”, come and buy a cd at one of our shows. Our next show is tomorrow, August 25th at Ikebukuro Ruido (

Thanks for listening and for your support!

The Calm

Day 4.

The first song that we wrote together as “Tokyo” Moss.  Chorus and the main riff by one, verse and melody by another.  We are very proud of this track and have seen it transform with the addition of Matt on bass and Rhodes.  Unlike “Naked”, people who we have spoken to seem to have different opinions on what the song is actually about.  We hope you like it all the same.

The Calm

Day 3.

The music for this song was created when I was still living  in London with Alex, my bass player and fellow whiskey, rum, tequila (the list goes on) fiend.  I wasn’t able to come up with a suitable melody line for the verse and chorus so I decided to “put it in the vault” with a whole bunch of other unfinished tracks.  When arriving in Tokyo, I was revisiting this “pervy” riff and could only think of one line…..

Ladies and Gentlemen, the most straight forward of Moss songs…



Tuesday. Day 2 in our mini-album preview! This song was written in roughly 20 minutes during a jam at Alex’s house. When we recorded it, we were unsure if we would include it in the mini-album but as we had so much fun playing it live, we decided, “fuck it, let’s put it in!” Good thing that we did as it sounds wicked!

It’s 1911:

Pepe Junior

For every weekday this week, we will be uploading a song from our new mini-album, “moss”.  Recorded in December 2011 at KRS Studios Tokyo by Toshi Yamazaki and mixed by our good friend John Gibbe at JG Mix Studio in Mexico, this is our first release since coming back to Japan.  We will also be selling the hard copies at our forthcoming gigs.  We hope you enjoy it as much we enjoyed making and performing it.

First up, Pepe Junior!